Let Your Events
Fly Higher with KITES
Founded in 2001 and with over three decades of experience within the highly skilled team, KITES International is a corporate event management agency based in the Lac Leman region of Switzerland. We specialise in the delivery of high-class conferences, corporate incentives, dynamic product launches and exceptional destination management.

We plan, manage and execute unrivalled events, putting you, your team and your business on the winning path.

With a track record that speaks for itself, we’ve delivered corporate events for all types of occasions on a wide spectrum of budgets, all with one common theme, extremely satisfied clients.
Our Promises & Guarantee
- Unforgettable experiences that motivate and inspire
- Clear corporate event solutions exactly tailored to your needs
- 360° service – from event concept through implementation to evaluation
- Scrupulous attention to detail
- Absolute reliability
Don't just take our word for it, here's what our clients say about us.
Great Expectations

At KITES we maximise the chances that your conference or seminar achieves its goals. It starts with choosing the right venue, then;

we Design, we Consult, we manage, we arrange and we deliver.

Our attention to the all-important details; access, staging, special effects, audio-visual, decor, artwork, 3D tech, live streaming, entertainment and the thousands of other small details, ensures everything is fully taken care of, so you can focus on what’s important for you and your business.

Throughout the event our team is on hand to advise and keep you in the loop, managing every detail from start to finish; ensuring continuity.

Destination  Management
Choice of Destination
Can Make
or Break an Event
Our highly knowledgeable team has access to some of the most incredible destinations on the planet. They've not just read about them in a book but lived, breathed and experienced them too.

It's this local knowledge that sets us apart from other destination management companies and ensures your event will take place in the best places, wherever that may be in the world.

Let KITES International share our knowledge with you and organise your next corporate event.
Experiences for
Exceptional People
You want to reward record-breaking sales executives, employees who have exceeded their targets and/or suppliers or retailers who have excelled as partners.

KITES will take them with you to another world: an exceptional experience for exceptional people.

They’ll come back highly motivated and raring to do even better.
Creative Design
All your design needs in one place

Your artwork, branding, video production, animation, photography and web design needs all under one roof. Seamless integration with the overall event concept results in visually spectacular, one of a kind events, every time. 

Our event design team will help you every step of the way to create professional and stunning design and media assets. 

With KITES, you can be sure to impress.

Product Launches
Give Your Product
a Spectacular
Send Off
It's taken years of development and now it's time to launch your product to the world.

Our incredible team of audio visual, design and marketing experts will put it front and center and ensure it is received with the awe that it is deserving of.

3D projection, live broadcasting, social media streaming, venue selection, staging and everything in between. However you envisage your product being seen by the world, we've got you covered.
Themed Evenings
Unforgettable Themed
Events &
Festive Parties

Allow KITES to choose the venue and transform it with lights, special decor and theatrical design. Then add a touch of artistry and music and hey presto, you are almost there!

An extensive network of chateaux, auberges, museums, hotels and customised outdoor locations are at our disposal and we can call upon live bands, DJ’s, performers, actors, dancers, MC’s and more to offer you a whole range of creative concepts and ideas suited to your special soirée!

Themed company anniversaries, festive parties, award ceremonies and after-conference events. From the simple to the complex, our concepts will guarantee the WOW factor! 

Swiss Outdoor
Swiss Outdoor Solutions is our specialist team building division and was created to focus exclusively on team-building events.

Our specialists create unique programs that will strengthen teams and help your organisation function better.

As our abbreviated name, SOS4U, implies, we can respond to last-minute requests for an event, at any time, in any place.

With Swiss Outdoor Solutions you are guaranteed the KITES level of detail, creativity and quality.
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Our Office: Chemin de Quatre-Vents 7e, Perroy, VD, CH-1166, Switzerland. +41 22 362 44 67 info@kitesinternational.ch
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